MAC2S : demonstration of ERMO technological know-how

The Mac2S system has been on the market for only a few years and has become a reference in our industry. It is the epitome of ERMO's technological know-how. More informations below.



By definition of its acronym "Mold Alignment Continuous Safety System", MAC2S is a patented mold alignment monitoring system. It controls alignment and improves mould productivity.

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How does it work?

Developed by ERMO in 2019, the MAC2S measures the gap between the fixed and moving parts of the tooling at each cycle. This system is programmed with a maximum and minimum tolerance and records all the values measured at each cycle. If a defined number of consecutive cycles is exceeded, the system stops the press, sends an e-mail to production and emits a light and sound signal. The customer can also consult the history of the recorded values and more easily visualise the frequency of maintenance required to recenter the mould. By preventing malfunctions or damage to the tooling, our system helps to avoid production stoppages.


For which types of moulds?

  • On all types of moulds (all brands and technologies, universal system)

Other features

  • Tool for preventive maintenance
  • Also measures parting line opening
  • Prevents wear and tear, or even damage to the sensitive closing area, of the centring pins to increase the life of the mould
  • Equipped with 3 to 5 sensors to control alignment (sensitivity to the micron)
  • Diagram reading, machine stop according to the chosen tolerance
  • Alert by email or sound, wifi access, communication (or interaction) with the plastic injection machine (system requires a Euromap 67 plug)
  • Possibility of storing mould documents (maintenance booklet, PDF connection, etc.)





The MAC2S in video

Discover below the MAC2S system installed on a mould with a 100% electric clamp (E-IMC technology)


The MAC2S in brief


  • Vertical alignment control by 2 sensors
  • Audible alarm & alert notification byemail
  • Immediate stop of the injection machine


Costs reduction:

  • Tool life & performance increase
  • Universal system

Help for preventive maintenance:

  • Avoid premature wear
  • ERMO guarantee extension

E-IMC Elysée

In 2020, ERMO presented its MAC2S technology coupled with E-IMC at the Elysée Palace during the BIG EXHIBITION of the Made in France.


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