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Laurent Lecointre, designer and interlocutor in the Marcillé-la-Ville design office for 23 years now, explains his job in more detail :

The design activity at ERMO is part of the core business of the mould maker. In fact, based on customer specifications, the design office team designs a mould kinematics system, bringing in ERMO's experience and technological innovations. In order to do this, the design office must be rigorous, precise and methodical, while working as a group with the R&D team, project managers and production. To design a complete mould study, the time required ranges from 15 days to 3 months for high-tech moulds.

There are 12 designers and draughtsmen in the design office, including 3 sandwich students. Every year, ERMO takes on 2 to 3 trainees for periods of 1 to 3 months (DUT and engineering school level). The means of desgin are the Catia software for 33 years and SolidWorks.

As ERMO is trying to attract more and more young employees, it trains internally on methodology, on the use of software and on the 3D design of moulds.

Thanks to his experience, Laurent is one of the referents, and participates in the training and follow-up of young recruits in the design office.

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